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Flat roofs and extremely low slope roofs require a gravity-proof roofing solution. You may want to consider new rubber roofing materials for your flat roof. Many commercial buildings are likely covered with one of the many different types of single ply membrane roofs.

The new single ply membranes are actually synthetic compounds that can be mechanically fastened or glued down to your roof deck. Some of these materials are synthetic rubbers while others are special PVC plastics. All seem to have very respectable life spans. Warranties of 20 or more years are not uncommon with Greensboro rubber roofing.

One apparent advantage that these new roofing membranes offer seam elimination. Seams in the traditional asphalt roofing systems are usually the first place water can enter. If your low slope roof has no chimney or plumbing / heating vent pipe penetrations, it is possible to cover the roof with one giant piece of roofing material. Believe it or not, some of the materials come in 50 foot widths.

For residential Greensboro & Burlington roofing projects, smaller pieces can be used. Rubber roofing systems also permit you to upgrade your home insulation. You can install high performance insulations on the roof deck before rubber roofing is applied. This cost of rubber roofing will vary depending upon how many obstacles are in or near your Greensboro roof, whether you decide to upgrade your insulation, and the overall quality of the roofing membrane you choose to use.

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