Roofer in Greensboro

Roofing in Greensboro

Mule-Hide Rubber Roofing Systems in Greensboro

  • Proven systems designed to maximize labor savings & roof lifecycle.
  • Fast Roofs! with Mule-Hide Acrylic Water Base Bonding Adhesive. Single-side, wet application lets Greensboro roofing contractors accept more jobs, have fewer callbacks. Plus, great for crew retention.
  • Laminated Tapes are designed for a consistent thickness and width of seam.
  • Complete line of EPDM Accessories like Pre-Fabricated Pipe Boots and Pre-Cut Corners.
  • Standard System Warranties and Membrane-Only Material Warranties.
  • Fully Adhered, Ballasted, & Mechanically Attached System Specifications.
  • Membrane meets or exceeds ASTM performance standards.   

Non-Reinforced Black EPDM .045

  • The most economical singly-ply membrane
  • Ideal for ballasted systems

Non-Reinforced Black EPDM .060

  • Ideal for fully adhered systems

Reinforced Black EPDM .045 & .060

  • Reinforced with tough polyester fabric for superior fatigue, tear, & puncture resistance
  • Ideal for mechanically attached systems
  • White-on-Black Non-Reinforced EPDM .060
  • Reflects the sunlight & cools the building interior - leading to lower BTU usage and energy costs
  • Fully adhered application is required

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